Helping parents avoid temper tantrums

Temper tantrums from toddlers and young children have a way of exasperating new parents. The “Magic Mom, Magic Dad” book and this website present findings from scientific research in a simple cartoon format to help parents better communicate with toddlers and young children (ages 2 to 5) to avoid temper tantrums. Most parents don’t have time to read through hundreds of pages of text from a book. The few who do will find it hard to remember anything from the information overload.

Thirty years of research turned into simple cartoons

Magic Mom, Magic Dad distills the most important learnings into a cartoon format that can be consumed in less than 60 minutes, to learn the best parenting practises to avoid or defuse temper tantrums. We published this book because we believe that there is a wealth of information and research that can benefit parents but it is not available in a format that could be easily consumed, until now. We believe that simple cartoons, known for their entertainment value, are easier and provide practical information that parents can remember and use right away to start improving their lives, re-gain sanity, and develop a positive and fulfilling bond with their children.